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5 Ways To Avoid Miscommunication On Your Commercial Development

If there’s one thing that can wreak havoc on any commercial development, it’s miscommunication. Most mistakes that result in considerable delays or discrepancies in your budget, are the cause of miscommunication and are completely avoidable by having the proper systems in place. Understanding how to create clear lines of communication between key departments is the…


The Difference Between a Construction Manager and Owner’s Representative

According to a survey of senior leaders from organizations carrying out significant capital construction projects over the years, only 31% of projects came within 10% of the budget, and just 25% of projects came within 10% of their original deadlines. Considering that missing either of these factors by too large a margin can be the…


Women In Construction: What To Look For In 2020

Change Takes Time Advancements in land development has played a prominent role in the advancement of human society, providing us with the means to connect and express ourselves through the structures that surround us. Through planning and construction, we’re able to take people’s visions and bring them to life, creating parks for our families to…


3 Marketing Strategies That You Can Do For Your Commercial Development, Today.

Did you know that 2019 was the first year that social media ad spend exceeded print to become the 3rd highest channel for how marketers spent their advertising dollars? Although the benefits of digital marketing have been known for years, companies continue to migrate more of their marketing dollars online in an effort to capture…


Why Relationships Are The Most Important Tool In Our Toolbox

Why Relationships Are The Most Important Tool In Our Toolbox Businesses that provide world-class service are able to do so not because of the skills, intelligence, or work ethic of a single person. Although strong leadership is necessary, it takes a team to move the needle and create a lasting impact. The bigger the goals,…


Voyage Denver Feature

A few months back, we were contacted regarding a nomination we received to be featured in a local online magazine: Voyage Denver.  The Voyage magazine series’ were started in Los Angeles, with a mission to find their city’s most Inspiring Stories. With over 30K followers, their voice was heard and they decided it was time…