Voyage Denver Feature

A few months back, we were contacted regarding a nomination we received to be featured in a local online magazine: Voyage Denver. 

The Voyage magazine series’ were started in Los Angeles, with a mission to find their city’s most Inspiring Stories. With over 30K followers, their voice was heard and they decided it was time to expand. Which, led them to Denver and the founding of Voyage Denver

This magazine series includes various topics, including Denver’s Most Inspiring Stories and The Trailblazers: Rewriting The Narrative. Within these features, you’ll find stories of women, and some men, that have overcome obstacles, forged new paths, and so much more. Which, made us proud to be displayed along some of our community’s and state’s business rockstars.

Being chosen for the Trail Blazers: Rewriting The Narrative series, Stephanie answers questions regarding her journey with The Brahma Group. Some of these topics include:

  • Details about Stephanie and her story
  • An explanation of The Brahma Group and our specialized services
  • What TBG is most proud of as a brand
  • Advice for mentor-ship and networking within our industry

As you learn more about The Brahma Group, Inc. and our desire to create a new standard for Commercial Consulting, we invite you to read through this feature to see where it all began. We hope you have as much fun reading our journey, as we continue to have creating it!

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