Girls In The Spotlight, Board Member

Community involvement has been a foundational part of our business, since its inception. Knowing that Northern Colorado has a jaw-dropping amount of non-profits that are doing amazing things, choosing a few to partner with was a difficult task.

But, after being introduced to Hope, the Founder and Executive Director for Girls In The Spotlight, we immediately knew her program would be one of them.

This program’s mission is built around Helping Girls Find Their Voice. Through creativity, communication, and connection, these program participants work through the skills needed to become our next generation of leaders.

On August 2nd, 2019 we attended the Girls Take The Stage Community Showcase. Hosted at the Compass Community Collaborative School, next to Whole Foods off of College. As you entered the space, you were greeted with a gallery walk experience, showcasing the many experiences these participants had over the last five days.

Having had worked with Hope since the beginning of the year, it was incredible to see the long hours, Board discussions, and many ideas shared come to life. With a mission to help each girl find their unique voice, the differentiation in work displayed was a perfect showcase of just that. From extraordinary sketches, showing passion for fashion to written explanations of what it means to be a Champion, to the verbal presentations of topics each girl is passionate about (animal cruelty, education, and more), their growth over such a short period of time was evident.

With this being the final showcase of 2019’s summer programs, it was powerful to reflect back on what has happened over the last 8 months. Some highlights include:

  • Hosting Girls In The Spotlight’s first Summer programs, named Girls Take The Stage
  • Inviting our community together, to enjoy 6+ Community Showcases
  • Reaching 3th – 8th grade girls from 22 different schools within Poudre School District
  • Being welcomed into 8 new schools for Girls In The Spotlight’s Fall programs
  • Making an impact on 70 Rising Stars within our local community

Now, The Brahma Group may not be in the profession of Performing Arts, Youth Development, or Leadership Training. But, can you see how being a part of a program like this is foundational in our business?

As a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) in the Construction and Development space, we aim to create new opportunity for women entering this field. With less than 9% representation, it’s essential to inform Women of the opportunities this industry can present to them; in regards to leadership, growth, and much more. This confidence and positive mindset doesn’t start during the job search, it starts in programs like this.

At The Brahma Group, Inc. we strive to Create A New Standard For Commercial Consulting, while creating a positive impact within our communities along the way. And this summer, our focus was surrounding our local Rising Stars and their journey to finding their voice, so it can be heard for years to come.

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