Why Relationships Are The Most Important Tool In Our Toolbox

Why Relationships Are The Most Important Tool In Our Toolbox

Businesses that provide world-class service are able to do so not because of the skills, intelligence, or work ethic of a single person. Although strong leadership is necessary, it takes a team to move the needle and create a lasting impact. The bigger the goals, the more quality talent is needed, and since we have big plans for 2020 we are sharing why relationships are the most important tool in our toolbox.

Growing The Industry With Win-Win B2B Partnerships

The world of business is often associated with competition, and while competition is certainly an important aspect of business, many of the biggest successes are created by forging relationships with companies operating in the same space. As we have expanded our network and continued to build relationships with businesses in the construction and development industry, we have discovered so many like-minded individuals who share a common goal. Utilizing our collective resources and complementing one another with the unique strengths of our individual teams, we are able to grow faster and make a larger impact than would ever be possible with an us vs them mentality. 

One of our favorite examples of this at The Brahma Group is BuildHer Collaborative. As Partner of The Brahma Group, it didn’t take long for Stephanie Pouse to recognize the absence of women leadership roles within the construction industry, with women occupying an estimated 9% of all positions. As Stephanie continued to grow her network and meet other women in the industry, they found they shared a common interest in encouraging ongoing education, collaboration, and the growth of women in construction and development. 

Together with Project Managers from Bryan Construction, Golden Triangle Construction, and Coe Construction, Stephanie co-founded BuildHer Collaborative; aiming to create a community of women who strive to collectively move the industry forward in a positive direction. With speakers from Northern Colorado’s professional community, including Susan Hay from Dame and Heart, Emily Amedee from Colorado State University’s Ph.D program within the Department of Communications, and more in the upcoming months, BuildHer Collaborative has been able to successfully educate, challenge and discuss opportunities for women colleagues to enhance their engagement within the Construction and Development space; which, may open the door for future generations, giving them the opportunity to build something too. 

With BuildHer Collaborative continuing to grow, we are excited to develop our network of like minded people further and witness how the collective efforts of everyone involved will allow us to achieve incredible goals, while opening the door for more women to discover their passion in building.

BuildHer Collaborative Group PhotoLong Term Customer Loyalty 

With over 40 years in the construction and development industry across the United States, we have been fortunate to meet and interact with a wide variety of people, ranging from Laborers, Administrators, Designers, and more. Throughout that time, we have seen it proven time and time again that the old adage “you get back what you put in” holds true in business.

Although clients, company employees and contractors may be associated with a specific company, each person is an individual with their own interests, goals and challenges. So, why is it often forgotten that to achieve exceptional results, we need to adhere to the needs of our team? Over the years, we have witnessed that the motivation for going above and beyond vs. living at the baseline rarely lies in how much money someone will make or their fear of failure. Instead, we have found that the effort people put forth and their honest desire to see a project succeed stems from loyalty, respect and the quality of the relationships they share with team members and company leaders.

No matter what role you play in a project, we like to know YOU! Taking the time to ask about people’s families, their hobbies, hopes and dreams, and truly caring about the challenges they face has allowed us to build real friendships, while learning so much from the people we have the opportunity to work alongside. Now, connecting with everyone in your circle may feel like a full-time job (and sometimes it is!), but the friendships we have built and the loyalty of our satisfied clients has allowed us to forge our most impactful and profitable connections through introductions, recommendations, and repeat business.

Making An Impact With Volunteering 

A business, no matter what industry you’re in, has the potential to do so much more than simply generate profits. The more successful your company becomes the more opportunity you have to impact lives outside of your customer base. With so many outstanding organizations contributing their time and effort to a limitless number of causes, the success of your business provides the perfect opportunity to lend your efforts and resources to positively impact the causes that mean the most to you. 

At The Brahma Group, we have a strong passion for our environment, women, and children which led us to create Brahma Strong. Challenging ourselves to uphold our core values, we have made a practice of giving back to communities both domestically and internationally by volunteering with various organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Homeward Alliance, and more!

One organization that we work with, and are particularly proud of is Girls in the Spotlight. While sitting on the board of this incredible organization, created to help girls find their voice, we have learned more about leadership, communication, and the importance of our message than we ever expected. Witnessing these rising stars explore their own interests, leadership styles, and unique ways to communicate has challenged us to do the same; opening the door for us to take more risks and evolve in the practices that we preach. By working closely with organizations such as GITSL, it’s provided a clearer image of who we are as a business and how we want to present our brand.

More importantly, we have seen the positive impact volunteering has on the community. Leading by example encourages more people to volunteer, creates a closer community, provides opportunity for those in need of assistance, and cultivates a widespread desire to contribute.

Girls In The Spotlight group photo Opening The Door To Discussion 

Companies are created by people from all walks of life. The background of an individual, such as their culture, gender, or upbringing provides unique perspectives that when combined with their area of expertise can shed light on new ways to accomplish a goal, or areas of improvement.

Since running a successful business relies on how effectively you can solve problems and fill the needs of your customers, familiarizing yourself with the varying backgrounds of your network will allow you to adequately cater to your clients needs in profound ways.

As a woman owned small business in the construction and development industry, we have seen how the absence of diversity can lead to stagnation and hinder innovation. As such, we continually strive to include every available perspective. In partnering with minority businesses, we have seen an explosion in creativity and the ability to reach a much more diverse range of customers. 

With more and more minority businesses being created every day, we encourage companies from all industries to bridge the gap in your team’s knowledge by partnering with minority businesses, incorporating their unique and valuable input, and using these partnerships to expand your reach and grow your business. 

What’s Next?

Business is all about relationships, which is why they have quickly become the most important tool in our toolbox. By expanding your network, including more perspectives, and connecting with your community, you will find yourself presented with more opportunities to grow your business, while learning critical new skills that allow you to reach more people. What relationships have been the most important in elevating your business to the next level?

Let’s grow our network together! Learn more about our Construction Management and Owner’s Representation services, or Contact Us to see how you can get involved with our volunteer programs.