Comprehensive Project Management for Commercial Developments

Getting the most value out of your commercial development requires attention to detail in every aspect of your project, beginning with the design phase and continuing beyond completion of construction. Our project management system at The Brahma Group is a comprehensive service that provides an unmatched level of consistency to your commercial development by creating a unified team with clear communication and quality standards that manage everything from cost analysis, construction management, owners representation, move management, marketing management and more.

This all-in-one approach allows us to value engineer your commercial development beginning with the design phase, and personally maintain deadlines and budgets throughout the entire process by utilizing our in-house team of experienced industry professionals. Comprehensive commercial project management gives you more control over your construction projects by providing you with a single point of contact with knowledge in every department, who provides access to uniform reporting, clear and concise updates, and most importantly fast and efficient problem solving that will ensure your commercial developments remain profitable.

Our goal is to simplify the project management process, giving you the freedom to focus on expanding your business while remaining confident that every aspect of your commercial developments are being managed by a world-class team with the ability to ensure world-class results.

Construction Management

Identify, manage, and solve the unique challenges of your commercial, industrial, or institutional developments using the most cost-effective methods available. With our proactive approach to construction management, we protect your investments by mitigating risk and diminishing possibilities that can negatively impact your construction project. In order to meet the goals of your commercial development we manage all the most critical aspects of your project, such as:

Owner’s Representation

Providing essential oversight throughout the entirety of your project, we utilize an experienced on-site team to ensure your vision for your commercial project comes to fruition through direct representation and efficient execution. Serving as your eyes and ears, we coordinate all the various team members, verify each task is being completed to the highest standard, and provide guidance through the life cycle of the project in order to help you get the most out of your investments. Our experience in large scale commercial projects, ranging from $500K – $250MM, has given us the knowledge to help you achieve your goals while adding value to your portfolio. Take control of your commercial project with critical representation:

Move Management

If you are developing a project for the relocation of your business, not only can we oversee the development of the construction, we’re able to facilitate the relationships needed for all aspects of your commercial move. With a network of engineers, designers and physical movers, we are able to manage your commercial relocation from the beginning stages continued through post-move, making your transition as seamless as possible:

Marketing Management

Get your commercial development profit-ready from day one by building an engaged audience that’s ready to contribute to your experience and/or end result before your project is complete. Utilizing our comprehensive understanding of the construction, development and go-to market processes, we aim to begin your commercial marketing conversation post-design. By doing so, we’re able to better understand your vision, target demographic and overall marketing goals. Define the impact you want your Commercial Development to have, then let us help you get there through our Commercial Marketing Solutions.

What TBG Project Management Offers Your Business

Successfully managing all the moving parts of a commercial development requires attention to detail and streamlined communication. The more disassociated your departments become, the greater the chance for error that can negatively impact your project’s bottom line. Our expertise in all aspects of project management mixed with our experienced network of industry professionals, provides you with straightforward communication and management; creating cohesiveness between all departments. This comprehensive understanding of your project from day one will aid in mitigating risk, value-engineering and profitable planning during the earliest stages of development.

Our turnkey project management solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your commercial development, providing the framework to flow effortlessly from phase to phase.

By partnering with The Brahma Group for your Turn Key Project Management Solution, your commercial development will be integrating a team of professionals that brings over 40 years of industry experience. 

This knowledge and intimate understanding of what each team needs to meet their goals provides the foundation that allows us to assist in meeting your deadlines, while maximizing profits with a simplified project management process. Thereby, freeing up your valuable time and resources to run your business more efficiently. 

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