Connecting your commercial development to its evolving market with specialty marketing rooted in 40 years of industry experience.

Specialty Marketing for Commercial Developments

Many businesses consider marketing to be one size fits all, but the truth is, every successful marketing campaign is specifically tailored to the service or product being offered. Understanding your business, and the services you are marketing gives important insight into who your target audience is and the most effective ways to connect them to your business.

With a team that has over 40 years of experience in the commercial construction and development space, we’re able to uniquely combine our comprehensive industry knowledge with expert marketing strategies to connect your project to its desired consumers.

By understanding the timeline of your commercial development, alongside what it takes to bring developments to life, our team is able to build awareness from day one; creating a community around your brand that continues to grow with each phase of construction.

Utilizing our world-class team, having worked with businesses across the United States, through Canada and into Latin America, you’ll be confident that the messaging of your development is being built on strong, efficient, effective and experienced processes.


What We Bring To The Table:

  • Free Consultation
    An initial call to discuss your development, learn more about your overall goals, and ensure our marketing services are a good fit for your commercial project.
  • Recap Review
    Based on the information received from your inquiry, our team puts our heads together to draft an outline of customized services that we believe would best fit your branding goals. From there, we review our suggestions and your feedback, to work towards a strong next step..
  • Target Market Analysis
    Utilizing statistical analysis, new market research and studies you’ve completed through your initial development stages, we create a clear audience;  identifying your target market, their behaviors and tendencies to best evaluate how they’d resonate with your brand.
  • Branding Audit
    Strong marketing begins with your brand. Before we launch your marketing campaign, we perform a branding audit alongside your team to identify any areas of improvement to maximize the effectiveness of the upcoming traffic that will be generated.
  • Create Your Marketing Blueprint
    Based on all of the information above, while mixing in white boarding sessions and consultations in-between, our team begins to formulate a customized marketing plan for your evolving project. With this, we outline who we’ll be targeting, where we’ll get in contact with them, what team members need to be involved, how the timeline will break down and so much more.
  • Marketing Management
    A strong marketing plan is only as strong as the team that implements it. Once your customized marketing plan is complete, our team will oversee the implementation of these strategies; constantly reviewing effectiveness, while reporting performance and making suggestions on improvements as needed. 
  • Detailed Reporting
    With our open communication approach to all partnerships, we strive to remain transparent in all of our collaborations. With our detailed and easy to understand reporting, your leadership team will be able to review your campaigns progress on a weekly basis, including ongoing recommendations based on data for adapting current strategies for even higher quality results.


Our Marketing Experience

At The Brahma Group, Inc. we believe that marketing is part of the core of every business. Your brand, your message and your overall mission has the ability to impact hundreds, thousands, even millions of people if given the opportunity to do so. Which, is why we adopted it as part of our professional responsibility through our turn-key project management solutions.

Prior to bringing these services to you, our Marketing Leadership Team successfully launched a marketing agency that assisted service-based businesses across the United States, Canada and Latin America. Through this experience, our team has managed millions of dollars worth of advertising budgets, while developing, testing, and implementing processes and solutions that are all designed to improve your marketing experience.

Our experience in the fast-paced, dynamically shifting marketing industry combined with our 40 years of experience in commercial development, has provided us with the unique ability evaluate the needs of your project from every angle, and adapt to any situation during a marketing rollout. This ability to adapt quickly and think creatively has given our clients the opportunity to thrive when it matters most.

With a dedication to success on every project, we will only implement and/or suggest strategies that we would feel confident implementing ourselves; treating every project as if it were our own. This level of integrity, mixed with our experience and vast network of marketing professionals, provides the framework to supplement your marketing strategy with all of the team members needed to exceed your audience’s expectations.

Bring your vision to life with our marketing management solutions, so when you build strong, you know you’ll market stronger.


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